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Are an endless eldorado of mountains suitable for skiing, climbing and mountaineering. At Sunnmøre there are fantastic skiing conditions and fantastic view down to the fjords, almost regardless of what mountain you choose. From many peaks you can ski from almost 2000 meter and straight down to the fjord. The Sunnmørsalps, are the half islands on both sides of the beautiful Hjørundfjord. Here lies peaks on a row. On the east side, Rånahalvøya, lies the peak Råna, 1593 meters above sea level. The most famous one is the impressive Slogen, 1564 meters above sea level. On the west side of the Hjørundfjord you can find the most dominating peak, the conical formed Kolåstind, 1432 meters above sea leve, with steep, black mountain sides towards the Follestaddalen and Romedalen in the south and west, and with white glaciers to the east.  But the peaks Sætertindane, Romedalstinden, Jønshornet and many more are also an impressive sight.
Some of the peaks, are good for climbing and others can be mounted by tourists on foot without eny special equipment.
In between the peaks there are nice routes for mountenering, and there are several cottages, central placed, that belongs to the Ålesund and Sunnmøre Tourist association (ÅST), Patchell cottage and Velleseter cottage.
Many people mean that the Sunnmørsalps, the wilde and the beautiful mountain areas on both sides of the Hjørundfjord, is the most attractive place in the mountain world of Sunnmøre.

Most popular routes:
In Sunnmøre: From Stranda to the Patchell cottage and to Øye.
In Tafjord mountains: The rout from Zakarias water through Reindalen, Pyttbua and Veltdalen and back to Reindalen.

Good start places:
Stranda, Urke, Tafjord, Zakarias water, Bjorli and Grotli.



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