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Many have heard about the great and fascinating Romsdalen with its Troll peaks and Troll wall, Romsdalshorn and Vengepeaks. Some of the worlds best climbers come here to challenge the impressive mountain wall. Many have died trying, so it is not a game for beginners.
But you don't have to be a climber to visit the beautiful nature in the Romsdalen.

East of the Romsdalen lies Eikesdalen, and is as wild and beautiful. The long water of Eikesdal lies only 26 meter over sea level, while the surrounding mountain reach 1500–1800 meters right up from the water. Along the water you can find an impressive variety of plants and trees, that normally live much further to the south. The Hazel forest is supposed to be the largest in Europe. The Mardals waterfall is situated here as well and drops 297 meters directly in to the valley of Eike and is at the same time Europe's highest waterfall. Unfortunately the waterfall is dry most of the year, used for energy power. It is only when the season starts the water runes free, some days, to please the tourists.

Most popular route:
Tours to Måsvassbu, Vasstindbu og Svartvassbu.

Good start places:
Isfjorden, Øverås, Vike, Brandstad, Vistdalen og Mittet.



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