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Horningdals lake is the West coast biggest and is the deepest lake in Europe. It lies at 52 meters above sea level and is 514 meters deep. The deepest part lies 460 meters under sea level. The water is never green as many of the lakes on the West coast, but limpid and blue. That is because there are no glaciers nearby. It is the clay from the glaciers that give the famous green colour to the water. Through thousands of years the ice has formed the landscape into valleys, lakes and fjords. Some scientists believe that the sea level went up to Horningdals lake before last ice age, and geological researches has proved that it went even 15 meters further up (55 meters above today's sea level).

Foto: Olav J. Tveit. Horningdalsvatn   foto: Frithjof Fure. Horningdalsvannet

Big areas of the lake floor lies under 500 meters. From the shape of the mountain on the North side, it is easy to see that the water must be deep. The mountain drops directly into the water, and it looks like the mountain is drowning in water. Some scientists say that there are underground saltwater lakes on the bottom of the Horningdals lake, rests from when the sea level was 55 meter higher.

The Caspian sea, is the worlds largest lake and lies on the border to Europe. It is not counted as an European lake, but is deeper that the Horningdals lake.

Dybdekart over Horningdalsvatnet

These are the five deepest lakes in Europe:
1. Horningdals lake (Norway) 514 m
2. Sals lake in Nord-Trøndelag (Norway) 464 m
3. Tinn lake in Telemark (Norway) 460 m
4. Mjøsa, Norway's largest lake  449 m
5. Lago di Como in Northern-Italy  410 m



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