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It is not only the great enthusiastic of wild nature that should be impressed by the National park of Jotunheimen. You can find Northern  Europe's most alpine area with the great mountain, Big Skagastølstind 2405 meters over sea level. All around the  Sognefjord, the mountains are an Eldorado for the most of us. The nature calls you to come out and experience it, and let the daily stress lie behind.

Tour guide Jotunheimen

Jotunheimen, is the Norwegian mainland most powerful mountain massive, and lies up to Sjovally and Valdresflya in the east and to Bygdin–Tyin in the south. In the west and north it borders to Sognemountain and Bøvervally. Her you can find groups of sharp mountain pigs, dropping mountain walls, plateaus, glaciers, some are almost impossible to reach. This area is perfect for tourists by foot or for skiers. Between the mountain tops  you find big rivers, lakes and waterfalls. All the Norwegian mountains that reach above 2300 meters over sea level, lies in the Jotunheimen. The highest mountain in Norway, Galdhøpiggen 2469 m.o.s.l. and Glittertind 2452 m.o.s.l.
Aasmund Olavsson Vinje (Norwegian poet and nature enthusiast) walked quit a lot in the Jotunheimen in the years of 1860. Together with some friends, he built a cottage/Hut on the Eidsbufarm and started to use the name Jotunheimen.

In the Jotunheim are both not experienced walkers and experienced climbers. Especially the Hurrungane mountain and the peaks between Bygdin and Gjende, are often visited by climbers. The Norwegian peakclub, has a cottage in the Skagastølsvally.

Most popular route:
With out doupt the trip over Veslemountain and Besseggen between Gjendesheim and Memurubu.

Good start places:
Gjendesheim, Fondsbu, Hjelle in Utlavally, Sognemountain, Leirvassbu and Spiterstulen.



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