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Hardangervidda is Northern Europe's largest mountain plateau and has Norway's biggest National park (1981). Eidfjord, Ullensvang and Odda are all gateways to this unique mountain area. Here is a network of marked paths and routes for every body. They are combined with camping places, private houses, huts and cottages where you can spend the night. DNT (The Norwegian Tourist association) have their own huts and cottages you can rent.

Tour guide Hardangervidda and Nordmannsslepa

Hardangervidda - Kennov

It is most likely that its the same that attracts today's tourists, that attracted the tourists in the last century - The great and powerful mountains. the vast valleys, the fishing possibilitys, the wildlife and flowers. Between Haukelifjell and Rjukan in the south and Bergen railway in the North, Sørfjorden in the West and Numedal in the East, you will find 100 different kind of birds and 21  different sorts of animals. Northern Europe's biggest heard of wild reindeers, will impress all those that are lucky to cross their path across the Hardangervidda. The Western side of the Hardangervidda is hilly and rough, with many interesting valleys and one of Norway's biggest glaciers, Hardangerjøkulen, is situated there and rises fare to the North.
Several of the big lakes on Hardangervidda are regulated, for water power. Today, big parts of the mountain is National park, and fortunately no more interventions in nature are admitted.

Hardangervidda - Kennov

Hardangervidda Nature centre, is an experience for the whole family. Live expositions on an 2200 m² area and with visual experience. The goal is to spread the knowledge about the interplay in nature, and the relations between man and nature. The task is to create a meeting between the modern man and the nature. With modern and new high technology, the centre is quite unique. Super cinema with panorama screen produced of Ivo Caprino.

Hardangervidda - Kennov

Most popular routes:
From Kinsarvik to Stavali (Husedalen). From Hjølmo to Hadlaskard (Veigdalen). From Trondsbu to Sandhaug. From Tuva to Heinseter. From Haukeliseter to Hellevassbu and Litlos.

Good start places:
Haukeliseter, Kinsarvik, Hjølmo, Finse, Tinnhølen, Haugastøl, Tuva, Solheimstulen, Skinnarbu (Hardangervidda Nature Park centre), Kalhovd and Rjukan.



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