From snow to ice


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From snow to ice
Snow crystals are stares out of water, with symmetry of six arms.

When the snow has lied on the ground for a while, the snow flakes has transformed into small ice particles. This transformation happens when the outer part of arms melts (or evaporates) away, and the small drops of water freezes again in the centre of the crystal. The speed of this process varies from glacier to glacier.
In countries where the change between melt and freeze weather, the transformation happens quite fast during the winter. On Greenland or Arctic it can take up to 50 years or more, because melt weather rarely appears. These ice particles or “firn” as it’s called as well becomes to glaciers when pressed together of new amounts of snow on the top. This happens when the ice particles melts a little where they touch each other. The melt water runs into crakes and freezes all over again to form bigger ice crystals that becomes glaciers at last. The transformation from ice particles to glacier takes a few years, in a Island climate, and up to thousands of years in central Antarctic.



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