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Sports fishing
With sports fishing means, fishing that mainly is used of recreational reasons. On the contrary industry fishing, the purpose is not to sell the catch. Sports’ fishing is one of the most important and most used open air activity in Norway. About half of the adult population fish once or several times a year.

Before you start fishing, you have to get to know the low and rules about fishing. There are special taxes to the Norwegian Government, when fishing for Salmon, sea trout and red char. You also have to get a permit to fish from the land owner or the on who has the fishing rights. There are exceptions from the clam to pay taxes, and by low children and young under 16 years has the right to have a fishing card for free. This only in the period from the 1. January to the 20. August.

The fishing rights belong to the landowner and fishing can only be permitted from the landowner. In Norway there has been made a difference between Governmental land, Public land areas and privet grounds. Some fishers have to pay taxes. Anadrom fishing (Salmon, sea trout and red char) and inland fishing, under these Crayfish, are regulated by low of Salmon and inland fishing. The low maintains the protection for anadrom salmon fishing and other fishing in rivers and part of fishing areas where there are anadrom salmon fishing.

Inland fishing
Norway has lot of lakes, waters, rivers and creeks. In most of these there are fish. Trout, Red Char and Eel are the most common fish types. In rivers that end in the sea, you can find Salmon and sea Trout. Most of these are available for everybody.

Sea fishing
It is free for everybody to fish in the sea, fjords are also part of the sea. In the fjords the fishing can be quite good. Especially for those who fish for Eel. The best sea fishing area is on the coastline. You can get a good catch from land or from a boat. Sea fishing trips goes from Kalvåg. Take with you equipment for some larger fish.

Sports fishing in the sea is for free
There is no clam for taxes or fishing cards to fish in the sea with a fishing rod or a hand fishing line after saltwater fish. The same is valuable for
Salmon, sea Trout and red char, except when there are local protected arias, as around river mouths. Sea fishing is allowed the whole year around. (Read more about fishing rules).

All Norwegian citizens and persons living in Norway has in principe the right to fish within the fishing borders of 12 nautical miles. Foreign citizens that do not have residence in Norway have the right to do sports fishing with hand equipment, but they are not allowed to sell the fish.

Fishing diseases in freshwater
Infection spreads easy and there are some simple rules to follow.

Fishing equipment shall be dry or des infected before used in new waters. You must never empty water containers or tanks directly into rivers or lakes. It is forbidden to fish with living fish as bates, and to spread new fish species into the lakes and rivers. Read the fishing rules and respect them.

Brochure for fish taxes 2004

Who is obliged to pay fish taxes?
Persons that have filled 16 years and wants to fish in a river with Salmon, is due to pay fish taxes, by low of salmon fishing and inland fishing § 30. A river is usually counted as a Salmon River, up to a waterfall the Salmon does not manage to pass, or to a border decided by the represent of the county.
For Salmon, sea Trout and Red Char fishing, there are taxes to be paid only if used permanent fishing equipment as; sitting seine, wedge seine and hook net. The taxes for these fish methods are 180 kroner a year.

New rules! – No fish taxes for inland fishing!
From 1. January 2002 are there no taxes for inland fishing and Crayfish. You still have to by a fishing card or get a permit from the landowner or the person that has the fishing rights for such fishing. With inland fishing is meant, all fish in freshwater, except Salmon, sea Trout and Red Char. Waters with Salmon, sea Trout and Red Char are counted as anadobe fishing areas up to a natural or pre decided point.

Norwegian and Swedish Samies are disposed for paying taxes, after the low of Reindeer farming, witch they have the right to fish.

Fishing card
The right to fish for inland fish, crayfish, salmon, sea traout an red char in rivers, belongs to the landowner. This is either it is private owners, public land or governmental properties. You can buy fishing cards nearby where you want to fish, form landowner, sports shops, tourist office, camping places etc. The fishing card gives often information about when, where and how you can fish. Normally you can choose between a days-, a weeks- and a season card.

The fish card seller has the duty to control if the fish taxes is paid, or if there is given an exception. This control is not applied when buying the fishing card from a machine or other self-service accommodations, when the information about obliged fish taxes is printed on the card. The tax receipt and other exemptions is to be taken with you while fishing, so if the police or other authorities asks for it, you can show it to them.

The income from fishing cards and the use of the Governmental fishing fond
The income from the sale of fishing cards goes to the Governmental fishing fond. In 2000 paid 224 000 fishers the fishing taxes and added to the Governmental fishing fond about 29,7 millions kroner (4,8 millions $). The money from the fond goes to maintenance of roads and paths to fishing places, so wheelchairs also can access, posters/sign boards and fishing guides. Conservation of and building of fish "stairs" and fishing culture systems, Salmon supervision along the coastline, measures to save the salmon in rivers infested by Gyrodactylus salaris. Some of the money goes to research. The use of the Governmental fond is shown in this link - Environmental status in Norway.

Children's right for free fishing

Inland fishing
Children and young that not jet have become 16 years have the right to fish for free inland in Norway in the period from 1. January to the 20. August. The rules for free fishing are only valuable for inland fishing and concerns fishing from a boat or form the shore with a fishing rod and a hand fishing line. This is written in the law of salmon and inland fish § 18. This arrangement is made in cooperation between the environment department, Norwegian forest organisation and the Norwegian Farmers.

This is how you do.
In the arias where there is sale of fishing cards you contact the fish card seller or owner of fishing arias. Take your ID with you that shows that the Child/young is under 16 years old. In arias where there is no sale of fishing cards, children and young under 16 may fish with out the owners accept.

Rules of free fishing is not valuable in rivers or waterfalls where there is
Salmon, sea Trout and red char. The rules for free fishing does not include fishing for Crayfish and fishing in artificial fishing ponds.

In addition to these fishing exceptions, there is also made and exception for fishing to protect certain lakes and rivers where children's right for free fishing could be to a harm for fishing culture or the owners own fishing. The person for the County representation can give such dispensations and mark the aria with posters.

The Directorate Of Nature administration
Tungasletta 2
Tel.: +47 73 58 05 00, Fax: +47 73 58 05 01

The County representation of Sogn og Fjordane – Division farming.
Tel.: +47 57 65 51 51
Fax: + 47 57 65 50 55



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