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A road stretch of 1850 km, with the most unique and beautiful nature of Norway. Until the year of 2012 will 18 roads get the status as national tourist stretches.

There are plans of exiting resting and parking places where you can take photos or go for a nice walk. This are made out from strict demands of quality to make them harmony with nature to reinforce the impression of nature and wilderness. Along theses tourist stretches you have the opportunity to fish, se waterfalls and go mountain climbing. There are boards with information about service, where you can spend the night or have spiritual and cultural experiences.

While following the beautiful road or while foot walking, there are information boards and brochures all along the way. These roads are marked with the tourist symbol. The brochures also available at at the local tourist office.

Four stretches have already won the honour of the tourist symbol:
The old Strynemountainroad (rv.258), over Hardangervidda (rv. 7) and through Hardanger, Sognefjellsroad (rv.55) and parts of coastal road in Nordland (rv.17).

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